Friday, December 24, 2004



I keep on wondering what blogging is, or should be, all about. In particular, is a blog meant to be read on the day of publication or shortly thereafter, and then ignored because there's so much new content coming on to the web all the time? Or is a blog meant to be a web site that can be linked to and referred back to indefinitely?

A couple of thoughts follow from this. One concerns the site I (rather hastily) chose for this blog. For how long will Blogger/Blogspot keep these blogs around? Will it preserve the URLs? Another thought is that I don't need to arrive at any conclusions about blogging in general, just about this blog.

What will probably work best for this blog is to be a mixture of the ephemeral and the more lasting. For the more lasting stuff, I've added a heading, Selected Posts, to the sidebar, and have set up a list underneath it to link to those posts that I... select. I'll try to maintain such posts against linkrot, and to edit out any writing bad enough to embarras me. That'll leave most of this blog vulnerable to linkrot and other ravages of time.

Talking of linkrot, will this and other blogs at BlogSpot be vulnerable to it? That seems to depend on Google, which now owns Blogger/BlogSpot. And, given what Google does, it seems to be in its interests to maintain content and URLs.

Oh yes, and I guess I should add a site feed. I started reading some of the RSS/Atom debate, decided that it's the kind of thing one needs to treat as either a very small deal or a very big deal, went for the former, and followed the simple instructions in Blogger Help to add an Atom feed.


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