Thursday, December 16, 2004



One of the things that makes this a good time to get into sf, or to get back into it, is the amount of sf and sf-related stuff online. So there are many worthy sites to which I could link. But to link to too many sites may dilute the recommendation of any particular site. So I'll start off with just a handful of links for this blog, including one or two links each from a few types of site.
We start off with a couple of indexes to sf available online, each organized by author. Free Speculative Fiction Online, as the name suggests, links to sf available at no charge. Best SF Gateway covers much of the same ground, but includes links to sf for which there is a charge. I prefer the organization of the former. I include the latter because I don't want to exclude pay-to-read stuff from my own surfing or from anyone else's.
Of the sites that publish sf online, my favorite is SciFiction. This site publishes an original story most weeks, and republishes a classic about half that frequently. This site is as professional as any sf print magazine in terms of the writing itself and the editing. But access requires neither payment nor registration.
Many sf authors have web sites. My favorite author site is that of Jeff Vandermeer. Jeff's site includes or links to some of his fantastic fiction, his message board, and his blog, which is one of the few I regularly read.
Finally, there are a lot of reviews of sf on the net. Emerald City is my favorite source of such reviews, and includes some other good stuff as well.


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