Monday, December 27, 2004


About to fly to England

My wife's parents have set off through the (melting) snow back to Philadelphia, after spending a few days with us. One of the few days, yesterday, was our daughter's first birthday.

This evening, we fly to spend a week or so with my family in England. I will try not to be deterred by Cheryl Morgan's recent post about values in the UK. My wife is at work, leaving me in charge of Maddie, and of getting started on the packing.

While looking after Maddie and getting ready for the trip, I've been enjoying one of my birthday presents: the Talking Heads' DVD, Stop Making Sense. We've been enjoying it. "Hey, Maddie, see that funny-looking guy? He's going to sing us a song called 'Psycho Killer.' We'll get to 'Burning Down the House' a little later. Isn't this age-appropriate?" (No, I didn't actually say that out loud to her.)

Priorities for books to try and get hold of while in England: Pashazade, by Grimwood (not yet out in paperback in the US); Veniss Underground, by Vandermeer (UK mass market paperback edition includes a story not in the US edition, although said story is in the Secret Life collection, which I'll probably get at some point); The Physiognomy, by Ford (looks to be easier to track down in the UK than in the US).

This will be the last post befeore we fly. I'll try to report from England once or twice. In closing, more about Maddie. If you are reading this at my page, rather than at an aggregator, you can find a link to her profile in the sidebar. And she is the only person in the world who thinks I can dance.


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